It was time to do the math on the Stratios, and see where I would end up.

I paid:

  • 10m ISK for the BPC (thank you hypernet)
  • 260m ISK for the materials (I had already collected a bunch of them, but this is what their value is set at)
  • 990,075 ISK for the industry

Total: 270,990,075 ISK

If I were to purchase the ship in Jita today, it would cost me 314,700,000 ISK (this gets more expensive as you get away from Jita, which is not my preferred area to sell in, I tend to avoid Jita at all costs) so I saved myself some ISK by crafting it myself. This isn’t always the case, so it’s important to make sure you’re doing the math and figuring things out.

I’m very excited!

As always, fly your way! o7

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