I wanted to try to make a little progress with the capsuleer event that’s going on right now – but I have to say, it is quite a slog. Basically, you collect what I’ll call T1 materials from sites, and then use those component to craft T2 filaments. Then you run the T2 sites, and collect materials to craft T3 filaments. See where this is going?

I decided to make use of some of my own filaments, the Noise-5 Needlejack ones. These drop you into nullsec, randomly. They’re supposed to drop you into ‘quiet’ areas, but things happen – like I was dropped into a 20+ Pandemic Horde alliance fleet. Whewps. There’s a 15 minute timer before you can use another filament, and in the meantime I was basically a sitting (cloaked) duck. I didn’t want to take a gate anywhere and risk getting caught (I’m in a corporation of one, and that never looks good) so I just stayed cloaked and eventually they moved off. When they did, I scanned down the sites in the system, looking for a wormhole to jump into. Didn’t find one, so I ran the relic / data sites that I found, and when I saw people poking in again I used another needlejack and jumped out. The next jump sucked. There were no signatures, and 5 people in system just hanging out. I decided to wait out the timer one more time, and the filament put me relatively close to ‘home’. Only 3 nullsec jumps out (and a single low sec).

I was in my speedy Helios, which is fit for this type of exploration and is not an expensive ship by any means. My only goal was exploration, and while it did take a fair bit of time, I think I did alright.

I have enough materials to craft one more ruined filament, and I have most of the supplies for a single devastated electrical filament. I know you can just purchase everything off of the auction house and work at it that way – and I know that I’m neglecting the entire combat side of things, but that’s how I like playing. I doubt VERY much I will get anywhere near the 5,000+ points required for the final items, but at least I’m making a little progress.

Fly your way! o7

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