It’s been done before a bunch of different ways, but here’s my latest adventure – 90 days living in a WH out of an Orca, also called the Suitcase challenge.

How it works: Three accounts (all Omega).

  • Account #1 is flying an Orca which is hauling everything I need to live in a WH for 90 days (the timer may go longer or shorter, if I lose the Orca chances are I’ll give up the challenge all together). I’ll post the fit I’m using in follow up posts.
  • Account #2 is my main, meant to ‘do all the things’ like gas, mining, running anomalies, etc. Not restricted to the WH, can day trip to HS to sell – NOT taking the Orca. Orca stays in the WH. This account can also fly a TC3.
  • Account #3 is for scanning & doing PI in the WH. I may add another alt doing this from the same account, I’m not sure yet. We’ll have to see how it goes.

The Goal: Spend 90 days living in a WH out of a ‘suitcase’ (in this case, the Orca) and not a POS / citadel or whatever they’re called these days. Why? Because the second I put up a structure, I draw attention to myself. “Oh, someone LIVES here, let’s bother them!” – I want to try to prevent this from happening. Plus, let’s face it, my blog is called ‘nomadic gamer’ it’s what I do. I love unique and interesting ways of playing games.

Preparation required: Finding the perfect WH for me – I think I’ve already completed this stage, I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while now, and I’ve been checking out a specific place for almost a week. I haven’t been ‘living’ in it per say, but I do log out in it, and have made bookmarks, etc. If you’re going to live in a WH one of the first things you need is a bunch of ‘safe’ locations. Way off grid from anything, places where you can log out (and in) and won’t be on top of anything, hopefully. No one else lives there, it has to be large enough for an Orca to fit through (C2-C3 typically), and in my case, I wanted it to have a static high sec connection. At the end of this challenge I’ll post the name of the WH, but for now I’m keeping that quiet.

I don’t have Orca skills on an alt – yet. So I’ll be investing some skill points into a character to get them situated. That means buying some skill injectors. I believe this cost should still come under the cost of installing a citadel, and for less risk. I’ve got an Orca already, and I’m not actually using it lately since I haven’t been mining, at least this gets it back to being used.

The Ships: This list I’ll update once I’m actually in the WH, because I don’t know 100% yet. It may also change over time, we’ll see!

I know there’s many ways to do this, with lots of different rules people add for themselves but this is mine, and I’m excited to see how it pans out.

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