With the site picked, it was time to get everything else together. First, train up an alt in Orca skills. This was pretty simple, I contemplated using MCT but ultimately decided it would be better to just use skill injectors. The Orca is sporting the fit above, but unfortunately right now the WH is 40+ jumps from where I have staging, and even in high sec I don’t really want to jump that far. Orca are slow. I did some scouting and there’s some gank fests going on, too in between where I’m at and where I want to go. I opted to be patient, I’ll wait until the WH is closer before I decide to move in.

What am I bringing?

  • Prospect – fit with a mobile depot so I can swap between mining / gas
  • Tengu – my T3C of choice, a bit expensive for this sort of thing, but that’s what I’m comfortable flying, so that’s what I’m bringing. I don’t know if I’ll actually use it much, maybe just to get rid of rats.
  • Helios – Just a spare probing ship in case I need one
  • Epithal – Yep, I’m dragging along a PI hauling ship. I am hoping with vigilant scouting I’ll be able to sneak items out of this WH to whatever HS system I’m connected to and get some sales going. We’ll see!
  • Some shuttles/T1 frigates

I’m also bringing along the command centers for PI, and a few spare cloaks. I’m not sure if there’s anything else that I want to bring, I might just pick things up here and there as I need it or as I figure it out. The Orca will stay in the WH for at least 90 days (longer if I’m enjoying it) but my alts are free to come and go. I’m hoping to get some marketing done but it will depend on where the WH has settled for the day. As I’ve already said a few times I’m just not a fan of Jita, so it would have to be one of the outlier hubs. Hopefully the next post will be about my big move!

Fly your way. o7

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