I’ve been waiting for the ‘perfect’ move in day (ie: path from my staging to the WH) – one that is .6 or higher, and not too busy. A few days were absolutely no-go, with gank fests happening along the route. The Orca has almost 600,000 EHP but I’m still not absolutely comfortable flying it great distances. I *think* I’ll be OK, no one knows the route I’m taking (not even me before this point, hah) and I’ve scouted ahead, and I’m pretty prepared. That being said, it’s EVE, and you’re never 100% safe, unless you’re docked at an NPC station.

Today is the day – I’m making 44 jumps to get to the entrance of my WH, home for the next 90 days. It takes me approximately 20 minutes for 10 jumps. The Orca is a massive slow beast, and I’ll need a stretch of time and some patience. I’m making the trip in the early morning around downtime, which I hope will work to my benefit. I created a shard folder so that all of my characters have access to the same locations, and I’ve included the the HS location of the WH. The goal is to log in my scout (who is in the WH), confirm that it’s clear / safe for me to enter, bring the orca to the WH outside, cloak, wait a while, confirm that it’s quiet / no one around in the HS side, and then pop through. Once through, I will immediately warp to one of my safe bookmarks, off grid from anything, and this safe is JUST for the Orca (and for when I want to do ship transfers), it would be really bad to decloak my own ship by flying someone into them.

At the time of this post, I’ve got 20 jumps left.

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