I love doing data / relic sites, but it’s very annoying (ie: slow) to move from can to can – thankfully, someone much smarter than I am created a method called a ‘perch’ – and it’s simple to do. I’ve been putting it into practice for a while now. I don’t tend to use it much in highsec because there’s so much competition, but I use it every time in wormholes.

The method is simple, at 150km from something you can warp – so you warp to the data / relic site at 100km, and then fly out until all of the cans on your overview are at least 150km away. Create a bookmark here. Now you can bounce between your perch, and your cans. It’s MUCH faster than flying from can to can, and mush safer. If someone shows up on grid, you have more time to escape – especially if you’re at the perch when they show up.

I HIGHLY suggest trying this method out if you’ve never used it before. Let me know how it works out for you!

Fly your way. o7

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