It took just over an hour of jumps (before and after downtime) but I finally made it, my Orca made it to the wormhole. Probably one of the more terrifying things I’ve done, to be honest. I had my scout on the inside watching for the hour to make sure no one entered (and checking d-scan, there’s a C4 connection right now, so someone could come in from there) and I warped to the wormhole and then cloaked with the Orca to approach it and keep an eye from outside to see if anyone was scanning the system or if anyone was on grid. When I hit 2,000km away my cloak dropped and I jumped into the WH. I immediately warped (well, ‘immediately’ is not a thing with the Orca, it takes me 38 seconds to initiate warp) to the safe I have set up, and cloaked. Shew. Safe (as safe as one ever is). I logged the Orca out, for now. I don’t plan on ever logging her in unless I’ve confirmed the WH is ’empty’ (as much as I can), and I’ll log in a scout character first to take care of that. Immediately after logging in, I’ll cloak. Since the Orca isn’t going anywhere for 90 days (or more) I think this should be OK. I don’t ‘need’ the Orca unless I want to swap out ships or drop something off. I do plan on day tripping to HS to drop off goods / sales.

Next up? I’m going to wait for the current HS entrance to expire, and then figure out where it opens to next. If it’s quiet enough, I’ll bring in my ‘main’ character who will be doing all of the things. I’d like to get PI set up as my first real adventure. I just need to place the command centers, the rest can be done remotely from within the system (I’ll warp off to a safe and cloak once I place the command center). I haven’t decided what I’m crafting yet, I did bring the command centers for the planets available, and I’ll have to work within that. There are already POCO set up here with 2% tax, and I’m comfortable with that.

For now, it just feels good to be getting set up.

Fly your way! o7

One thought on “Suitcase Challenge Day 4: Settling In”
  1. Congrats, you really did it. Welcome to the best space :)

    Just in case you don’t already know, theres a trick to warp safer called the mwd-cloak trick.

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