Today I learned you can set up PI while cloaked in an Epithal – interesting! I’ll probably upgrade this to a blockade runner down the road, but for now I think it should work for what I’m doing. I set up four production planets, a factory planet, and a spare one for resources. I do have two other alts who are trained in PI that I might haul out here, but they’d also need to add cloaking to their list of skills, and that one takes a bit of time. Or, I could just be brave and attempt this mission uncloaked! Which sort of seems like it would be a death sentence. I’m hoping to collect PI each day, and run it through to highsec once a week. It will of course depend on where the HS entrance is and what’s going on, and all that good stuff.

For anyone else who is attempting to set up PI in a WH that they don’t ‘own’ I have one bit of advice – check out the POCO first to see if you have access. There’s tons of these around but access is either limited, restricted, or 100% taxes. A lot are from abandoned corporations that are no longer active, too. You CAN blow up someone else’ POCO, but it takes forever, or you hire someone and that’s not cheap. Then you need to install your own POCO which is a whole other adventure. You CAN also technically jettison your items into space – but that has a few issues, number one, the amount of items you can send off at a time is limited. Number two, there is a 10% tax on this for every can you jettison. Keep in mind that you could also have your access removed. It might not be a bad idea to contact the owners and see if they can give you access although that might also just give you away.

Trying to find content isn’t difficult, but prioritizing the content and trying to figure out exactly what I want to do and when I can do it, that is the challenge so far. I’ve seen a few people pop into the system, but they didn’t stick around to chatter. Ah well!

Fly your way! o7

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