Today is the 21st of May, and I’ve been back playing EVE Online since March 15th. I immediately started tracking my ISK making capabilities, in March I made a total of -1.8b. Zero profit. In April I turned things around and made 1.8b profit. Not quite enough for Omega, but I was getting somewhere. So far this month I’ve made 3.9b profit – even after purchasing some supplies for the Stratios, and two Ishtar. Keep in mind I do also have 3 accounts, and this is the financial results of just one of those accounts.

Where did the ISK come from?

I tend to spread around in-game, I enjoy a whole lot of different activities. I do some PI (basically passive ISK) on 4 characters. I make drone components from the PI and then I sell whatever remains. I also make fuel components. I do some industry. I don’t build many ships, just some simple T2 and a whole lot of drones. I also started delving into rigs. I do a little PVE ratting, normally just enough to cover the 84m ISK a day I aim for. That gets me enough for Omega for the month. My account is currently subscribed until the end of July, and by then I’d like enough for 6 months of Omega, buying in bulk is the way to go. Exploration, mining / huffing, and missions round out the rest of my ISK adventures. I did also sell a spare Orca I had kicking around since I’m not really doing that much mining at all any more. I have three characters who can fly an Orca, and only one is using it (for the suitcase challenge).

Only one of my accounts is ‘stable’ enough to pay for the subscription with ISK – ideally all of them would be, but my thinking is that I’ll downsize at the end of the Capsuleer event to just two accounts, and I’ll pay for one with PLEX and the other one with a RL subscription. If there was a safe way to turn my WoW gold into ISK I’d jump all over that, but since there isn’t.. it’s back to the grind.

Fly your way! o7

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