In case you’d like to read about my suitcase challenge from the beginning, here are those posts:

It is now day 17 (remember I’m posting these after the fact, so whatever I’m writing about has already happened, security reasons and what not) and things are going well! Every day it’s a different adventure. One of my first small goals was to cover the cost of ships that I might lose along the way – and I have to say, this little T2 ship, the helios pictured above, is cost effective and super great at what it does. I don’t quite have max scanning skills, and I also don’t have implants at the moment (I’ve just never bothered) but my scan range is 109 which should be more than enough for anything I want to scan down.

The total cost of this ship is around 55m ISK, and when I took it out I attempted to earn at least that amount in loot, then everything else I made after would be profit. The ship does have some downsides, I can do zero combat with it at all, I have one tiny EC-300 drone just because there’s enough room for that, and that’s about the extent of things.

This is the current fit I’m sporting:

I love how speedy and cute it is, and the fact that I finally have a skin for a ship I fly is a nice little bonus. I’d expect a good amount of posts involving this little Helios, let’s see what trouble we can get into together!

Fly your way. o7

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