One of the things I keep hearing about since returning to EVE is about how PVE is a ‘solved game’ – it has been around for 20+ years now, and all of the secrets (barring new expansions/ships/events) have been figured out. Players know what ships to use for what encounter in the most optimal way, so spending time trying to argue about these things is a bit pointless. PVP isn’t quite the same, you can’t ‘solve’ it because you’re never certain about what the other players have fit on their ships, and ideally, you want to counter it. In most cases there IS a counter, and some people are known for flying specific things or for using specific tactics, but it’s a game that is never exactly ‘solved’ in the same way that PVE is solved.

That doesn’t stop people from attempting to create a billion different fits to try to ‘one up’ someone else’ fit. I am very bad at coming up with fits, and have only just started to work with Pyfa and figure out what adjustments I can make here and there based on my skills / needs. In EVE, you usually want a fit that can do what you’re trying to do, for the least amount of ISK. There are of course exceptions to this rule, people love to bling their fits – but everything in EVE seems to be measured in ISK value. Gigantic wars are fought and objectives are great but how much ISK was lost is a method of recording the wins.

I know people are excited about the new ships coming on June 11th, and I think this will be the first time I’ve actually understood what’s going on in-game during a release (as much as I understand anything in EVE, lol). I’d love to see the cost of ships come down a smidge, and I do expect there will be some changes / shake up with the new passive moon mining modules, but we’ll just have to see how it goes. I’ve never actually done any moon mining in EVE, I’m not even sure how it works.

Speaking of mining – I FINALLY completed the 3rd AIR Career branch (industry) yesterday, which rewarded me with a bunch of skill points and other various things (ISK, ships, etc). That just leaves the PVP path, Soldier of Fortune. I expect I may never quite complete that one, but I was thinking I could use some alts. The AIR career is great and I highly suggest people work on it if they’re not sure what to do in game, but I’ve never really taken my own advice, lol.

Anyway, that’s what’s up in EVE lately. Fly your way! o7

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