I’ve spent some time in the past talking about how market & industry in EVE is very similar to how it works in WoW, but now I want to mention some ways that they’re different.

The biggest one, is that in EVE when you put an item for sale, the tax you pay does NOT change based on the length of time the auction is up. When you’re putting an auction up you should always put it up for the maximum amount of time you can list it for. Instead of cancelling that auction, it will (usually) be cheaper to modify the price – how often you want to modify it, is completely up to you. I modify my sales stuff once a day, just after DT, and then I forget about it. I do not participate in marketing PVP or the rush to the bottom – and let me tell you, that works exactly the same in EVE as it does in WoW, except in EVE there’s fewer people (and no individual servers with their own markets).

It is critical to invest some skill points into trade if you want your capsuleer to be involved in working the market. As an alpha that can be difficult to do, lots of stuff is locked behind omega (that means you need a subscription). You pay taxes for purchases, you pay taxes for buy orders, you pay taxes for sell orders. If you do industry, there are taxes for the building you use as well as taxes for POCO, and if you’re in high sec there’s TWO taxes, one from the NPC faction & from the people who ‘own’ the POCO. Before I moved to the wormhole I currently do PI out of, I was losing 20% in taxes on every single transaction. 20% to remove the PI from the planet I was doing it on, 20% to transfer it down to the planet I had set up as a factory, 20% to have those finished products shipped off of the planet again. Your profit can easily get eaten up by these taxes if you’re not carefully tracking everything that you need to be which leads me to the tools I’ve been using:

There’s a lot of tools out there. I love using the spreadsheet from Oz, and I use it along with JEveAssets which uses java and was a bit confusing to get started with, but I think I have it mostly figured out now. I watch YouTube videos, joined discords, and over all just enjoy soaking in knowledge from other long-term players. I won’t ever be a grand scale tycoon player – but the little markets that I’m dipping into are quite fun, and I enjoy seeing the ISK go up.

As always, fly your way! o7

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