I’ve now been based out of an Orca in a random wormhole for just over a month. When I started this challenge it was pretty much on a whim, after having debated with myself about whether or not I wanted to set up a POS. After looking into it (and how much attention a POS could potentially draw to yourself) I decided that living out of an Orca would be a much better idea for my situation. My wormhole has a static high sec connection, and each day brings about a new adventure.

I’ve started using combat probes any time I’m out, and I tend to keep my tengu uncloaked if I’m doing gas huffing or mining on my alt account. I’ve seen people peek into the hole, see my combat probes, the tengu, and the prospect, and they immediately leave. That’s exactly what I was hoping for. Sometimes something bigger will come into the hole – some encounters with Wingspan, and the Wormhole Police, and those guys know what they’re doing far more than I do, so I will warp off to a safe and cloak myself in those instances. I rotate through my safe bookmarks, any time there’s a relic/data site I turn the perch into a safe. Throughout the day I’ll scan down any new signatures that show up, and I clear out the ones that have expired. I have a shared bookmark between my accounts so they can all access whatever is up.

I’ve stopped doing PI in the wormhole I live out of, and instead I’ve moved it to the Wormlife Freeport that I’ve been using. It feels ‘safer’, and so I have two PI alts parked there. Once a week they check to make sure the wormhole is quiet / as safe as it ever is, then they fly around to each of the POCO, collect their goods, and pop out through the high sec static to drop off their loot. If the connection is close to home, I’ll just have them bring it the rest of the way, otherwise I leave it in an NPC station and pick it up later with my marketing character (who is also training into blockade runners).

I’ve started running the combat sites out of C1-C3 wormholes. I feel a bit foolish, but I had no idea that ‘blue loot’ is actually stuff you can sell to NPC for a static amount. I’m pretty sure I’ve been selling mine to players for below average prices. Even better, there’s an NPC station in my high sec home system who accepts them. It’s basically a bounty system but with an item that could potentially be pillaged (or lost) rather than straight ISK. I am not sure if these anomalies escalate, if they do I have yet to see one. I like that it’s guaranteed ISK (unless you get killed, of course) and I realized that the Tengu is actually the perfect ship for what I’m doing. Almost. I am concerned about adding too much bling, so I’m still swapping out for both relic / data analyzers, and I also added a salvager to swap into at the end of the combat sites – it’s not a lot of ISK, but it can add up, and it’s also stuff used for crafting.

Speaking of crafting, that might be something I focus on more in the upcoming weeks. My hangar is just full of BPO / BPC that I’d like to make better use of. A lot of industry is for very low profit, but I’m pretty sure I can find ways to reduce my overhead costs.

As always, fly your way! o7

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