Despite the (what I consider) large number of relic & data sites I’ve completed in jspace – today was the very first time I came across a superior ghost site. I was absolutely NOT equipped to fully complete one and handle the onslaught of rats & explosions. I do have a stratios that I can fly – but – since I can’t fit it the way I’d like quite yet, I haven’t taken it out much. The helios has been more than enough for what I’m trying to handle.

Anyway, that doesn’t mean you *can’t* do ghost sites, it just means you have to be fast, and you have to potentially leave a lot of loot behind. I decided to do the ‘egg thief’ tactic, I warped in, hacked a single can, looted (more about that in a second) and warped out. I could have probably hacked a second can (the helios is speedy) but I was already sweating and even though losing it wouldn’t have put a dent in the wallet, I have some emotional connections to the ship and wasn’t willing to take the risk.

The one can I opened was filled with Isotropic Deposition Guide which I had never seen before, a few other bits and bobs, and a Wetu mobile depot blueprint copy. I didn’t want to risk things by scanning down the cans first, so I just grabbed what I could, and fled. Once I was at my safe, the site imploded and vanished from the overview. It was pretty exciting, I honestly didn’t even know that these sites could spawn in jspace, I have only ever seen one before, and it was in high sec.

The ‘problem’ with the loot, is that it was HUGE and filled up my entire hull. I couldn’t even take all of the isotropic deposition guides, I had to leave 4m worth behind. I suppose that is one downside to the helios being so small and nimble.

Still, it was a good amount of ISK when I was finished, and a nice relaxing morning in jspace. I headed back to kspace after, dropping off the loot to my marketing character, and the bpc to my industry character. Yesterday was the release of Equinox, and it’ll be interesting to see how things shake up. The cost of PLEX has gone through the roof (at the time of this post I believe it’s around 5.5, it was 4.5 for the longest time) and hopefully people enjoy the new content. I’ll comment on it further in a few days.

Fly your way! o7

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