Right now one of my smaller ‘goals’ is to be able to pay for 1 of my accounts with plex / ISK. That goal is going pretty well, some days are better than others but I really enjoy tracking and making charts on all of that. The other account I just pay for with a subscription using RL money. How exactly am I making that ISK?

A lot comes from selling on the market. I have 1 dedicated market character, I started learning station trading (where you put in buy orders, then resell those when people sell to you), and I trade all of my loot to that character to sell since they’re trained in reducing broker fees and what not. Gas has been a nice seller for me, there’s usually always a site or two around in a WH and when it’s empty I’ll get out the tengu & prospect team to do some huffing.

I also do a lot of exploration, and sell the components to that (where I can at least, I tend to hang onto a lot of them for my industry stuff, too). I do C1-C3 anomalies which reward blue loot that you can sell to an NPC for ISK (combat ones, at least). I’ve done a few of the regular signatures too, but I tend to prefer the ones you have to scan down so that people are not just warping directly to me.

I also do a good amount of industry. Right now I’ve been working on my BPO collection, and upgrading them with ISK/time to reduce the amount of time it takes / material it takes to make each item.

I’m also still making drones, though right now the mining drone II is not profitable. I go through a lot of shuttles (they’re bubble immune, but not smart bomb immune) so I’ve been making a few of those and putting the spares up for sale, too.

Then there’s PI, which is pretty steady money. I’m currently doing PI on 3 characters, 2 are in a WH. I could eventually expand to doing PI on all 6 of my characters, but I’m not sure if I want to be THAT dedicated to it. The totals above are for the ‘perfect’ situation, which is roughly 2.4b ISK a month. That’s almost a token just from that one endevour. PI is one of the easiest / least time consuming methods of making ISK, but it does require some dedication. I take maybe 5 minutes every day (total) to reset my extractors, I collect the goods once a week and drop them off in HS, then I pick them up in my hauler and take them to market. I’m only making guidance systems and P1 items for now. I was doing robotics for my drones but it became cheaper to just buy them already made, instead. One of those characters is also still doing PI in high sec, so I spend a lot more on taxes over there. The other two are in the Wormlife Freeport and have been there just shy of a month, so far. When I returned to the game in mid-March I had 4 billion ISK liquid to my name – and now I have 17.5b ISK – even after making some pretty hefty purchases. The goal is to save up enough so that I can buy game time in large chunks, which gives bigger deals. I’m going to be sad to see that pile of ISK go down in such a large amount, but I’m excited that I can confidently pay for one of my accounts in this way.

As always, fly your way! o7

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