One of the ships I took with me on my suitcase challenge is my tengu. I’m using it as an ‘all the things’ sort of ship, in the cargo hold I have a MTU, mobile depot, relic / data analyzer, and a target painter II that I swap out depending on what I’m doing. I also have ammo, which I have to replenish frequently at a market hub because tengu eat missiles like they’re candy. I also have a helios (I’ll post the fit for this another day) when I’m doing pure exploration and don’t want to deal with combat. Sometimes I like clearing the C1-C3 signature sites though, just for a change of pace.

I’ve been able to fly a tengu for a very long time now, but I’ve never really focused on maxing out my skills for it. It’s an expensive ship, and I’ve lost a few of them over the years, too. There was no way I should have been flying one when I didn’t understand the very basics, but I feel like I have a good grasp on things now, and I’m pretty confident in my ability to stay alive through most things. Of course it also helps that I have more than enough to replace the ship if I did ever lose it, a few times, at that.

Anyway, now, I love this ship. It just took me a while to realize how best to use it. It’s the only T3C I’ve got the skills to fly, and I know it took a heavy nerf a few years back, but it still does exactly what I want/need it to do in my situation, which is a bunch of random things while I’m living in a WH. I swap out the 1 mid slot for relic/data/painter depending on what site I’m on, and I also have a defensive fit if I really need to beef things up – since I’m just hanging out in C1-C3 I haven’t had a need for that fit. I’m also cap stable, which is a big deal to me. It’s not the most agile ship I fly, but it’s one of the most used. If you’re curious about what other ships I’m flying while I live out of a wormhole, you can find my write ups here:

I’ll post about my prospect next, although that fit is pretty basic and there’s not much to it. Since I’m no longer doing PI out of my suitcase WH and have instead moved to a Wormlife Freeport with 2 alts, I don’t have the Epithal, but I might just talk about the basic fit anyway.

As always – fly your way! o7

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