I haven’t had very good luck lately with relic/data sites, and I think that’s because it’s the weekend. From Thursday to Sunday afternoon, EVE gets pretty busy. I’ve come to expect it (let’s not get into the player numbers since Equinox has released and the disappointment people are feeling with that) – any way, I was out exploring down the chain of WH from where I’ve set up my Orca, and happened to walk right in to some conflict going on between a tengu, gnosis, astero, and three or four other ships (maybe alts). In J164104 They were fighting on a high sec entrance and I wanted out, so while they were all preoccupied with each other I slow boated (cloaked) my way around the other side and manually flew my ship out. I checked the zkill and it was pretty populated, a lot of WH that I explore don’t have much displaying. It looks like Pillars of Liberty might be set up there, I saw quite a few deaths from their side since May 27th or so. Before that it looks like they spent some time in J144956. Which has just a huge amount of combat. The Astero in the fight made it out alive, but I saw that some others didn’t fare quite as well – an Epithal being one of the fatalities (it looked like it was empty).

I’m not a huge fan of PVP game play, but I understand and respect that this IS a (mostly) PVP game, so if someone engages with me in a WH I will at least provide them that content. My goal though is to avoid being seen / found / detected at all. I picked a very quiet WH for that exact reason.

I have been watching a really neat video from someone who lived as a ‘nomad’ and recorded his adventures, and he made some great points about picking a system to live in that I didn’t really think about and that’s making me consider changing my home base system. I was concerned about finding a system that had a high sec connection – but if I’m looking for quiet, it might actually be better to find a quiet system with a C1-C3 connection, and a C4/5. The C1-C3 systems have a very high chance of having a high sec connection. High sec connections means busier (usually). Lots of day trippers and lots of hunters. Anyway, it’s something for me to consider.

I’d like to have proximity to gas & ore, with the option of finding a high sec connection “easily” (within 2-3 jumps). My second account has been training up a blockade runner, and I think that would help when it comes to moving stuff around. I plan on continuing my PI adventures at the Wormlife Freeport, honestly that’s a fantastic set up already and I wouldn’t be able to improve on it. Their 4.5% tax is incredibly reasonable, and having others around works to my advantage – I’ve got two alts who have been living in one for almost a month now. The system is too busy for me for ‘regular’ life, but it works well for PI.

Much like real life, I just seem to be getting an itch to move to some place else. In my day to day I’ve moved over 20 times, rarely living in one location for more than 5 years. My family was military, and it was just normal to frequently move. My spouse now is a first responder, and we still move every 4-6 years. I’ve never minded this, and I think it carries over to my experiences in game. Doing ‘the same’ for too long starts to wear on me.

As always, fly your way! o7

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