I’ve been trying to find some Eve streamers to watch throughout the day, but there’s a lot of ‘bro culture’ for lack of a better word, so it has been a slow process. CCP has offered some pretty nice rewards for watching during the weekends, and I’ve tried to make a point of catching those as often as I can. The EverMarks I could do without, but the ship skins can be traded to other players, and are usually not too bad looking. The mysterious crates have been meh – but it’s nice to get the skinr items, I’m hoping I eventually collect enough that my purchases will be minimal.

I have been working away at the dailies on my main only, I honestly can’t be bothered to do it on alts. None of them do any mining, or scanning, or manufacturing, and that makes the majority of the tasks unobtainable. I don’t think we should be expected to do all the things on each of our characters per account, and I wish CCP planned this better. Still, I AM looking forward to the skill points that I’ll get tomorrow. I’m very close to finishing up my training on drones V, and my main just crossed over into 51,000,000 skill points. My alts are all much lower than that, but that’s OK, what they do, they can do pretty well (minus that new LP farming character who is horrible. I’ll get there). As always, fly your way! o7

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