I know I mention it from time to time, but I don’t really make a lot of posts about my days in Signal Cartel, mostly because I don’t want to accidentally cross over into any credo breaking territory. Our stance on all eve players, no matter where they hail from, is neutrality. As neutral as we are, it is (quite often) not always reciprocated. We can defend ourselves in combat – but we do not ever instigate, or perform activities that would lead to putting our neutrality in question. So far I’ve found this corporation fantastic. We basically all just do our own thing, and meet up occasionally for events / classes / every Sunday for ‘coffee’. There is no pressure, as long as you partake in and love activities that involve exploration.

Besides roaming jspace looking for data / relic sites, I help tend the eve scout caches that you may have seen strewn about in systems. These cache include a probe launcher, some probes, and sometimes ‘hugs’ which is just a little extra item to cheer up anyone who might be lost and need our services. Basically, we help people who forget to bookmark exits, or who have had a wormhole roll before they could get back out, or any other manner of being ‘stuck’. We use a co-pilot called Allison who helps us out with all of this, and I’ve really been enjoying my time in the corporation so far. It’s quite different than a ‘typical’ corp, which honestly works perfectly well for me. Some times I don’t feel like being social, and there’s no pressure for that. Sometimes I’m overly social, and that’s OK too. The corporation is filled with like minded passionate people who want to help others and I love it.

We are of course also free to pursue other activities, our exploration ships need funding after all, but the majority of what we do is exploration. My Signal Cartel character also has a lot of combat training to her, but I haven’t really made use of that for some time. I might get into it more and explore Abyssals. These are Eve’s version of instances / dungeons, with quirks, of course. Any way, more about that (if I attempt it) another time.

Fly your way! o7

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