OK, I know the screenshot above is really messy, but I wanted to make an attempt at showing what a typical game play period might look like for me when I have nothing really in mind and want to explore data/relic sites (non combat). I’ve been contemplating trying to move to a new wormhole but I am pretty specific about what I want. This day was a whole lot of ‘NOPE’ and some close calls. So I left my ‘home’ wormhole (it’s covered up, and this post is postdated so none of these connections will be this way when you read about it) and jumped into a C2 with a C1 / H connection. There was nothing much going on there, so I jumped into a C1 that had no statics at all. Maybe I’ve just never paid attention before, I didn’t know there was any such thing. There was nothing there, either – but it did have a connection to a C3 that looked promising. Unfortunately that C3 had a nullsec connection – and they had been hot and heavy on the combat. Kitchen Sinkhole, Fraternity, and Salted Fish Alliance. I accidentally ran right into their little war going on, so I immediately popped back into that C1 with no statics. From there I popped into a C5, which is a fine wormhole if you’re looking to go after gas, mining, or combat anomalies, but the data/relic sites are actually combat sites and not cans – not what I was in the mood for. I knew I’d have to scan my way out of there and find something better.

It had a C4 static, but there was also another nullsec entrance, and I decided what the heck I’ll pop out – YIKES. Immediately I was in B-7DFU which had 44+ Goons just.. there. I popped right back into that wormhole so fast, I was terrified that someone would have spotted me and followed. Thankfully I had already scanned down the whole C5, so I was able to pop over to the C4 static instead. No one followed me (to my knowledge). This new C4 had a C1 and a C4 as statics. I wasn’t interested in the C4 because I knew there wouldn’t be any relic/data sites to make use of, so I decided to explore the C1. No recent kills to be concerned about, most of the deaths on dotlan looked like NPC kills. There was also very little of interest there. Shoot. I was starting to get tired and really had nothing to show for my adventures. I decided to pop into the LowSec connection and see what was around. It was empty! Unfortunately there was also only a single relic site with a few million ISK worth of items. After a few minutes, a marauder popped in so I cloaked and waited to see what he was up to. He dropped some drones so I figured he was ratting, and as soon as I uncloaked in my relic site he scooped his drones and left. I took that as my hint that he might be back in something that was meant to smush, so I once again dove back into the wormhole.

This time I went into a C2 that had a C5 and a nullsec connection. Neat. Also highly valuable as far as wormholes are concerned, there were people living there. FOUR buildings set up – but they haven’t been active lately. In fact, it looks like they had a bunch of people griefing them in early June, they lost a bunch of POCO in the system, and then The Initiative and The Tuskers Co. had a bit of a brawl in there too. No action since June 14th. I wanted to go nose around the buildings, but instead I was distracted by the EIGHT relic / data sites that were in system. EIGHT! FINALLY! Jackpot.

Finally, almost 300 million ISK in my haul, it was time to find a high sec connection so I could dump it off to my market character. Then I’d have to use my scanning character to figure out where my static HS lead to, and make my way back to my orca suitcase. All in all, it was a pretty profitable day, a nice break from gas, and I got to see some cool people doing cool things (and then I promptly flew away before I was discovered, as is my way).

Fly your way! o7

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