It was a pretty good month as far as making ISK is concerned, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at my chart, because I spent everything on subscribing two accounts for 6 months each – that gives me plenty of time to earn it back, at least. Before all of my spending, I earned about 4 billion ISK – which is 2 billion less than last month, but I had sold off some of my high sec items that created the influx and I knew it would be a one time thing. The ‘goal’ is to earn enough to subscribe a single account each month, and then pay for my 2nd account with real money – if I earn extra (and pay for both accounts with ISK) then that’s good too.

Anyway! The ISK came from multiple things, as it usually does. A large portion is from PI, I now have it set up on 5 of my characters. Selling PI has slowed down a tiny bit but the prices have increased, so I’m not too phased. Another portion came from industry, I’ve been making drones, ammo, and a few smaller ships. I was contemplating getting into reactions but I have no idea what I’m doing, so I’m going to take a pass on that for now. Ratting and missions made up another portion of the ISK, nothing fancy about that. A large portion came from exploration, I sold everything I collected except for datacores. I didn’t get any exceptional drops or items, but a lot of little things that moved pretty well.

I did a little harvesting this month – gas only. I wasn’t in the mood to orbit rocks, and I avoided it whenever I could (the exception being those daily quests that sometimes have you out there). Now that both accounts are situated with game time, I’m excited about just stocking up and seeing what I can get into. I don’t fly any particularly expensive or fancy ships – maybe that will change (though I doubt it).

Skill wise – my main is currently working on supply chain management so I can work on industry a few jumps away, my exploration character is working on cybernetics V because there’s a specific bling implant I want. That’s right, it’s time for the blackglass + zeugma bling to happen. My combat alt is currently working on gallente cruiser V (only 8 days to go!) and the back up mining character is working on deep core mining III, even though I haven’t been in the mood to mine (I have a bunch of MCT so I wanted to use them up and why not be skilling). Finally, my marketing character is working on gallente hauler V, because I’m trying to get her into a blockade runner. After that she’ll go back to the marketing skills, she has all of the basic ones but I’d like to expand and specialize a bit more. I’d also like to (maybe) practice running to Jita, and I need to make a bunch of bookmarks for that, too. I’m contemplating moving my marketing stuff there. I know it’s the largest market in the game, I’m just not a fan of how busy it all is.

Anyway, June was great. Let’s see what July brings! As always, fly your way! o7

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