As is my way, I’ve been wandering around for a few months now and haven’t really played much world of warcraft. I didn’t like Plunderstorm, and I didn’t enjoy the Pandaria Remix, either. I’m not a fan of removing players from the world and sticking them on their own servers, or time limited events. Breaks are good, and I do tend to take breaks from Warcraft, knowing that eventually I’ll wander back. It helps that I only spend in-game gold on my subscriptions, and I stopped feeling ‘guilty’ over my wandering ways years ago.

Anyway. This week I wandered back. It was Timewalking (Pandaria, go figure) so I completed that with my paladin, which is the character I think I’ve settled on as my ‘main’ for The War Within. I also happened to return when Snail Fight! Was up in Legion, so I spent the rest of the evening leveling up the 214 pets that have just been sitting there. I managed to get the list down to 100 or so that still need leveling. Doing that got me another level 70 character (my alliance rogue over on Argent Dawn) as well as 50-61 on a Warlock over on Hyjal. Almost all of my alts have been leveled exclusively through pet battles, my method of choice.

Sales this week were sporadic because I couldn’t decide if I was honestly returning to the game or not. At one point I had stuffed all of my AH items back into banks across Azeroth only to pull them out and put them for sale (again) the next day. The API has been down since the 27th of June, so TSM & sniping in general have been restricted to a per-server basis rather than region wide. It’s not unusual for this to happen, especially when an expansion is being worked on – the API has gone down in the past, and I’m confident that it will get fixed – eventually.

Wandering away from Warcraft lets me appreciate the things that it lacks, as well as the things that I love. I still haven’t found a community within the game, and that’s always the main downfall I have with it. I stick to my own happenings, doing my own things. My sporadic and random play time doesn’t lend well to static groups or raids, so I fit in when / where I can.

Anyway, that’s enough reflection for tonight. It’s nice to be back, and here’s hoping sales continue to swing upwards as I get back into my routine.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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