A Little Economic Update

Today is the 21st of May, and I’ve been back playing EVE Online since March 15th. I immediately started tracking my ISK making capabilities, in March I made a total of -1.8b. Zero profit. In April I turned things around and made 1.8b profit. Not quite enough for Omega, but I was getting somewhere. So far this month I’ve made 3.9b profit – even after purchasing some supplies for the Stratios, and two Ishtar. Keep in mind I do also have 3 accounts, and this is the financial results of just one of those accounts.

Where did the ISK come from?

I tend to spread around in-game, I enjoy a whole lot of different activities. I do some PI (basically passive ISK) on 4 characters. I make drone components from the PI and then I sell whatever remains. I also make fuel components. I do some industry. I don’t build many ships, just some simple T2 and a whole lot of drones. I also started delving into rigs. I do a little PVE ratting, normally just enough to cover the 84m ISK a day I aim for. That gets me enough for Omega for the month. My account is currently subscribed until the end of July, and by then I’d like enough for 6 months of Omega, buying in bulk is the way to go. Exploration, mining / huffing, and missions round out the rest of my ISK adventures. I did also sell a spare Orca I had kicking around since I’m not really doing that much mining at all any more. I have three characters who can fly an Orca, and only one is using it (for the suitcase challenge).

Only one of my accounts is ‘stable’ enough to pay for the subscription with ISK – ideally all of them would be, but my thinking is that I’ll downsize at the end of the Capsuleer event to just two accounts, and I’ll pay for one with PLEX and the other one with a RL subscription. If there was a safe way to turn my WoW gold into ISK I’d jump all over that, but since there isn’t.. it’s back to the grind.

Fly your way! o7

Suitcase Challenge Day 14: A little (gas) huffing

One of the more relaxing activities I can do in the wormhole I’m currently living in, is gas huffing. I don’t remember if this sort of gathering was a thing when I played last 4 years ago, if it was, I didn’t do any of it. It’s pretty easy for new players to get into and there are some very clear fits that work for both alpha and omega users. The gas in my current wormhole isn’t worth a huge amount, but the ISK adds up, and I like clearing it. Once the rats have spawned and I’ve gotten rid of them I can just casually check d-scan every few seconds to make sure no one is hunting me. So far it has been working out lovely.

A link explaining gas huffing, with some alpha / omega fits included.

I was in the mood for a little quiet, so that’s how I spent my time. I like that there are so many different activities I can partake in depending on my mood. Some days I don’t want to do anything at all, and I just watch the chat windows scroll.

As always, fly your way! o7

Tips: Getting Comfortable out of High Sec

Here are some things I’ve been learning that really helped push me out of my comfort zone of high sec (which as I already mentioned yesterday, is NOT very safe) and into other zones.

Number one – bring a security blanket for the first few adventures. I’m talking about that covertops cloak. Yes, I know this requires Omega, so this isn’t for the alpha player. You don’t have to, but it really comes in handy. I also learned something that I did not know for the first.. 15 years of the game. There’s a 15 minute timer that counts down when you’re cloaked. I always thought that was the ONLY time you could be cloaked, and if you let that 15 minute timer lapse you’d expose yourself. Turns out, that isn’t true. I’ve floated around in space for hours before and never felt safer. Now, there are some exceptions to this. People can deploy a ‘mobile observatory’ in lowsec and nullsec and it WILL be able to de-cloak you. I haven’t had this happen yet, but I spend most of my time in a wormhole, where you cannot use this item. You also can’t use it in high sec. Read up about cloaking here if you were like me and had no idea. If I’m going exploring, or am not sure about the systems I’m passing through, I tend to feel a little less exposed if I can cloak. Eventually, as you get more comfortable and learn how to deal with aggressive folks, you can leave the cloak for a different high slot.

Number two – if you’re in an anomaly, or a signature, you’re never safe (I mean, you’re never safe even if you’re not in those, but in specific, those things that show up on in space). People can use the d-scanner to figure out which one you’re in, and the guys who are good at it can do it before they de-cloak at a gate. I asked how people were able to find me so quickly, and they told me they use d-scan in 5% increments and narrow down which anomaly you’re hanging out in. If you see someone you’re not sure about in local, your best bet is to fly off to a safe – which brings me to number three.

Make a safe. Make 10 safes. Bounce between them all. If you’re there a lot, change them every so often. A safe is basically a bookmark in the middle of no where. Warp to something, like an anomaly or a signature, and while flying make a random bookmark (ctrl+b, L to open your bookmarks). Warp there, and then burn off from that bookmark for a few hundred KM away from things, and make another bookmark. Use the 2nd one as your safe. The further away it is from planets / stars / buildings / etc – the better. If someone jumps into your system and you’re not familiar with them, go warp to your safe. Cloak up if you can, and if you can’t, just keep mashing that d-scan to see if they’re probing for you. If you see combat probes and you can’t dock up safely, bounce between all of your safes. Don’t bounce between until you see them trying to come at you in your new safe, you don’t want to accidentally run into them on-grid as you hit a new safe. Patience is the key to this game. What I don’t do when an aggressive person comes into the system is try to leave via gate unless I can safely scout first and make absolutely sure that no one is there camping it. In most cases my patience outweighs theirs (because they’re looking for a fight, and I am not) and they leave, or they get bored. I usually say hi and try to talk in local, because why not.

Number four – Learn that wormholes are your friend. I love wormholes! Every day it’s some place different in New Eden. Don’t like where the exit is today? That’s OK, just give it 24h and see where you pop out tomorrow. I also use the WH system more than anything else to find my way around high sec, especially to get back home. Filament over to nullsec, and done your adventures there? Instead of trying to jump through a billion gates in hostile land, I’ll look for a wormhole every time. Jump in, and I can almost guarantee you that within 3-4 connecting wormholes you will find one that leads to high sec. Obviously there are exceptions to this, sometimes wormholes are camped when they lead to specific territories, for exploration and travel purpose I suggest sticking to C1-C4 holes. I spend a little time in C5/C6 but people like to live in those ones. If you stumble into a shattered one, enjoy the eye candy. Those wormholes are absolutely beautiful and they’re ‘rare’ (I say that, but I’ve walked into three so far).

Number five – You do NOT need to bring the bling. A bigger ship isn’t always going to be the best for your specific situation. I spend a lot of time in fairly cheap ships, it means I can lose a lot of them and I don’t stress or worry about it. I do own a few special ships that cost a fair amount, they have specific purposes and yes I do own the Orca which is a 2b ISK ship (but it wasn’t nearly that amount when I bought it 10 years ago). I try to be patient about the skills I’m training up, learning how to actually play with lower ISK value fits has taught me WAY more than flying something expensive that I didn’t understand.

As always – fly your way! o7

Thoughts on Security Space

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been playing EVE off and on since 2009 (mostly off) and during that time I basically exclusively played in high sec content. To be honest, that’s probably one of the main reasons that I never stuck with the game longer than a month or two at a time. Since returning, high sec has become a thing of the past, and I spend a majority of my time elsewhere. Here’s some bullet point thoughts I have on security systems:

High sec: It’s not really safe. I’ve had most of my deaths occur here. The bottlenecks that head to trade hubs are almost constantly camped by gankers, and there’s nothing more frustrating. I dislike these types of players who prey on people who have no interest in combat when there’s an entire game filled with pvp hungry people out there. I know, no place is safe, EVE is a pvp game, etc. That doesn’t change my mind. High sec is also low ISK vs. other security space, and while there are certainly quiet areas there’s also a lot of competition.

Null sec: This place is still scary to me. People ‘own’ land there (sovereignty I think it’s called), and they don’t like me much. I’ve used some filament to port around, and while I can at least see who is in local that doesn’t really give me any relief, they’re normally huge systems called a bloc, all owned by one alliance with lots of little corporations under their umbrella. I normally spend most of my time in these systems scanning down a WH so I can find a HS connection to get home.

Wormholes: This is where I’m most comfortable. I’ve spent most of my time this play through in a wormhole, and I’ve never lost a ship in one – I know it WILL eventually happen, but whether it’s because I’m *extra* cautious while traveling in them or because I just have a knack for picking quiet places, this is where I feel most at ‘home’. Hence the 90 days suitcase challenge. I love wormholes. I also am aware of a gigantic C5-C6 eviction war going on at the moment, but it doesn’t affect me except to stay out of the way.

Low sec: I’ve spent the least amount of time here. It feels like there are always others around, and since there’s no concord response I may as well just be in a wormhole, which I already prefer. Is there some secret to getting anything done in these systems? I’m not really sure. I’d like to take a cheap exploration ship out and about for a while to learn more about what makes it a popular place to hang out.

What are your favourite systems to hang out in? Where do you spend your in-game time? Let me know in comments, and as always, fly your way! o7

Suitcase Challenge Day 11: Statistics (of course)

Since I’m using Pathfinder (and a few spreadsheets) to track all of my adventures in this suitcase challenge, of course it’s time for a few statistics.

This is day 11, and I’ve visited 77 systems, with 58 unique wormholes. I’ve dipped out to high sec 5x so far, and made 2,476,517,197 ISK. Note that I do leave the Orca in the WH when I go to sell, I’m not risking taking that in and out. What I’ve been doing is confirming the WH is ’empty’ (who knows if it’s actually empty, given as there’s no one on local), parking a character at the HS entrance 100km off gate cloaked to watch the gate, log the Orca in, warp to the bookmark, drop off/pick up whatever it is I want to deal with, and then leave the WH (and log the Orca out safely in space). If anything at all changes, I log out the Orca first. That’s always my main priority. Once the Orca is logged out, I breath a sigh of relief, lol.

I do tend to take smaller bundles of items off to market rather than taking large expensive trips. I’m more paranoid in high sec than I am in the wormhole. I don’t sell in Jita, but I do price at Jita prices most of the time. So far? It seems to be working out.

Fly your way! o7