Silverstep in the Bloodline Chronicles expansion pack, smushing random goblins

So I actually played Silverstep some this weekend, though she didn’t get to do anything very exciting besides some quests from the Bloodline Chronicles. Which, I actually really loved as far as expansion packs go, aside from one thing.

The chain of quests is very lengthly, has a good story behind it. Unfortunately, they all use the exact same instance. So for 10+ quests you’re running through the same zone, with practically the same mobs, and the exact same lay out. Granted, since it was 100% gray to me I didn’t mind that much. I was there for other reasons. The expansion pack came out with a specific set of spells, player made. These spells never get upgraded. You have to have completed the first three quests given by npc at a camp on either side of the waterfalls in nek forest in order to buy these recipes, which are not flagged no trade. So Willamina hit level 35 sage, and I took Silverstep off to the falls to complete the first three quests, bought the recipe books for sage, alchemist, and jeweler. So Willamina is now very happy with her adept3 of swarm of bats. Especially since like I said, those spells / skills never ever get upgraded. Silverstep is still using her Spirit of the bat at level 70, and Stargrace uses her manacloak every chance she gets. Exceptionally handy spells.

Since I’ve been sick most of the weekend (feeling good today though finally!) I took it easy and didn’t do too much of anything. I crafted a lot, and did a lot of farming. Calicia hit level 34 tailor, Ixiana hit level 26 carpenter, Willamina hit 36 sage, Ricotta hit 30 Jeweler, and uh.. I think that’s it. Silverstep is sitting at 50 woodworker and she’ll be there forever as far as I’m concerned. I hate being able to only make 3 items a level. She can make invis totems, and that’s all I ever really wanted her for. Stargrace is a 70 provisioner, so she’s set now as well. I’m still missing a lot of tradeskill books, but hopfully that will come in time and I can get some good deals.

Cleaned out the guild bank, I’m one of three leaders back in my old guild. We have 14 members, 30 characters total in guild (with alts), and they’re all a very friendly bunch. I tend to keep to myself for the most part, so at times I probably seem reserved and maybe rude, but it’s un-intentional. Today they’re planning to do DFC, which is a zone I absolutely hate and am not looking forward to at all, we’ll have to see how it goes. I’m contemplating doing it with Stargrace, the 64 coercer, mentored down. She would have to do rescue of the greenhood first though. Meh. Again, we’ll have to see.

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