GEB’s, Jboots, and DWB, collected in Silverstep’s house

Silverstep finally completed saving soles, and added her golden boots to the collection by the doorway in her house. A huge thank you to Cordanim for letting me borrow his dps skills for the level 50 epicx2 that I was uncertain of solo’ing. Wardens just don’t come packed with dps. It took be about 5 tries to finish the instance, Baston of Flames. Mostly because the lava kept eatting me and I forgot how to do the zone solo without dying. Guild dinged 16 from it though, and it made my 20th HQ completed (finally). 6 more to go. Next I hope to get bone bladed claymore, ghoulsbane, and screaming mace completed.

On a side note…

I *really* wish they add status to heritage quest items that you use as house items. When you complete a HQ, if you have no interest in actually using the item, you can right click them and examin them, and place a mounting to the back of them. This transforms the items into house items that can then be placed. Unfortunetly, besides looking like interesting house pieces, they server little other purpose. They can also be sold to vendors for a fair amount of coin, 5g for the lowest ones, and 60g for the more expensive ones. I’ve kept all of the HQ that Silverstep has done, all 20 are spread throughout her house thus far. Most as weapons on her wall, and others as little trinkets that sit on tables. But I really wish they added some status value to my home, to help work down some of the rent I owe every week. I know it’s not a new idea, people have been mentioning this for ages now, so why no change? It’s great to be able to keep these items that we’ve all worked so hard for, but for items (I think they even still add to the count of items in your house, I’m not certain on that though) that are placed in the house, some status would be nice.

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