“I travel. As long as its to inflict pain.” ~ Voula redeye

“If I found the smallest piece of magical residue in the world and cut it in half, I wonder what would happen?” ~ Taba Curhunter

“OWW!! Head hurts when I do that thing with my brain! OW!! You can’t eat money. Then why people care about it so much?” ~ Urak Eyegouge

“Is it even possible for this city to get more corrupt?” ~ Amandio Sepunius

I run through South Freeport all of the time with various characters, Silverstep and Stargrace especially since each owns a home in that location (Silverstep owning the 5 room and Stargrace owning a 3 room). But I don’t think I’d ever actually listened to what the neighbors were saying as they wandered the streets. So I took a few minutes yesterday and went to see if they had any words of wisdom… They didn’t.

Finished the Jboot quest with Stargrace, more guild status which is always nice. Also snagged her 27th aa. A few friends of mine finished killing Tarinax and finished their claymore quests. I was very proud of them and slightly jealous, it left fast though. I know if I had of *really* wanted to finish my claymore, I’d have been in one of those big uber raiding guilds instead of the guild I’m in now. While every so often I do get the twinge that makes me miss that sort of thing, it’s not easy to tell why I am where I am. I enjoy doing what I want to do, when I want to do it, and the friends that I’ve made. There’s no way I’d be happy with a schedule where you’re raiding almost every time you log in. I enjoy playing my alts too much for that. Besides the fact that I’ve already been there, and done that. I’ve done the raiding guild thing and I sort of consider this my ‘break’. Especially since it wouldn’t be fair to a new guild if I joined and then disappeared once I got into being a guide. We’ll see how things go.

Slacked on the tradeskillers, nothing new there. Contemplating trying to get the coercer to level 70. She’s been sitting at level 64 for a very long time now. Problem is she’s not a tank, not dps, not a healer, so really the group types she gets into are limited. Worth a try though! It would certainly be nice to have a 70 warden / 70 coercer. Then when I’m bored I could work on getting the dirge or the necromancer up there. We’ll have to see. Also nice because she’s already a level 70 provisioner haha. It’d be nice to have at least one level 70/70 as I keep mentioning.

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