Silverstep, playing messenger for the Fae Court in Lesser Faydark

Well, Silverstep’s been playing messenger for the Fae Court lately, doing chains of quests there to kill bees, and search for the blasted messenger who paths between the court and a brownie camp just north. The aa’s are a little scarce now since most of the quests are level 50-60 or so, but hey it’s better then none. I know I could mentor to get them a little more, but eh, just can’t be bothered.

Guild managed to get pretty far in Freethinkers Hideout this weekend, beat the first and second named, and got a good shot on the third before people decided to call it. I’m confident that next time we’ll clear the zone. Not bad for our 2nd time in there. Got two server discoveries on loot, some very nice fabled troubadour set piece, and an earring. Did Vyemm just for fun afterwards with two groups, played my coercer who got a relic hat and some dracomancer forearms. Yesterday was Deathtoll, and we threw in a T6 courts raid to get some guild status. We’re slacking since the cap was raised to 60.

In other updates: I’ve moved my alts to their own guild now, I typically end up doing that. I’m actually contemplating making a guild cloak for them, why bother most would think.. but I like the idea despite the cost. I need to find out a bit more info first like if your guild needs levels first before you get a basic design at all, I assume so. I know you need to be level 60 in order to get a background for your cloak design. We’ll see how it goes.

Stargrace: Took through some EoF zones and got a lot of aa, got her upgraded relic gear.

Dasie: Hit level 70 templar! Means I’ve got three level 70’s now as well as crafters. Working her aa up but it’s slow going. Far too many templars around.

Faydai: On hold slightly. Took her to Steamfont for the aa, keep meaning to work up her sage skills and slack instead. She’s still sitting at 49 necromancer 48 sage.

Yamini: Been leveling off and on between raids. Sitting at 46 assassin, 48 alchemist. Got some pretty nifty upgrades, got her the cloak from Crushbone.

Ricotta: Slacking! Level 43 dirge, has been to steamfont and Klak’Anon for the aa but that’s about it. Probably going to stay that way for a bit.

The other alts are all level 22 or lower, so no real updates on them. Looking to get my tailor (my 4th tailor, I keep deleting them when they hit T6 or so) off the ground eventually. And work on Dasie’s transmuting some more. Deity quests too.. so much to do!

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