The newest Frostfell book, tucked away in Stargrace’ room

Managed to complete one thing on my list at least – the bone clasped girdle heritage quest is done. Very simple too, two other guild mates needed it done so we collected our bones, trained to the forge in SoS, crafted the piece we needed (I crafted for one through commission), ran back to the npc, killed Do’dragon in Bonemire, back to the npc, did a quick race to three islands, and back again to kill the final level 70 ^^^ who has a nasty kick back. At level 70 it’s a pretty quick and painless quest, even with 4 of us in the group. The guild status was nice, I’m sitting at 70k with Stargrace, after losing my 124k with Silverstep, I’ve got a lot more HQ to complete, so it shouldn’t take too long (hopfully) just depends on how much time I spend slacking.

Those who know me, both in game and out. Know I have fairly little tolerance. I have no patience for stupidity, especially in game. I hate people who speak for others, who generalize concepts about minorities (or majorities), I can’t stand egocentrism, and a number of other comments that people make. It makes for very quiet playing time, because I’d rather solo my way around then have to deal with people in a lot of cases. Those who are my friends though, are friends for a good long time. I’ve known people in game going on 5+ years now, and they’re some of my closest friends. It just takes a bit for me to open up. Anyhow, as I was reading some blogs today, I realized that goes for everything. There are some people who generalize about others, who make rude stupid snide comments (and posts) and expect others to listen. I had to rant that out. I tend to avoid rants but gah don’t you just get so frustrated some times?!

Raids tonight, simple x2 raids. Roost is locked still until tomorrow, so that leave crab, and maybe I can get into a Nizara group and complete the quests for my rings before we do Chel’Drak again. We’ll have to see how it goes. Not in a rush to finish my class hat since I won the circlet in courts, but the tinker bag would be nice. Speaking of tinkering, I’ve been stock piling my leaded loam up so I can start working on that. It takes massive amounts of resources, but I figure it’ll be more fun for me then adornments, which Silverstep is already doing.

3 thoughts on “Bone-clasped girdle ? Check, and wow do I hate pink”
  1. Ranting on *somebody else’s* blog is a no-no.

    Ranting on *your* blog, well, that’s what they’re for.

    Ranting as some kind of an article, or rather a substitute for writing something interesting – right there with ya, I can’t stand that kind of nonsense.

    Ranting on a forum – I always try to remember the proverb, Never argue with a fool or you will become like him.

    Grats on the Girdle – I still need Gylton :/ .

  2. I really like the updated look and feel. As far as rants/venting – I say, your blog your feelings. If you can’t express yourself on your own blog, then where can ya? :-)

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