Today Tiny Spec announced today that Glitch is going to be closing its doors forever on December 9th. You may not have seen a lot of my blog posts about Glitch, but I’ve played it for a while off and on. Spent money on the game because I wanted to support it. Apparently those few of us who did was just not enough.

The fact that this amazing game is closing down makes me mad. It makes me mad because so many people want games like this 100% free. They don’t want to spend $5 or $10 a month supporting the wonderful amazing people who work on games and not just this game, but lots of games out there. Then you see these wonderful indie games (and some bigger titles too) who just can’t support themselves any more, and they have to shut down.

I loved Glitch. I loved the game because it was a place where I didn’t have to swing a sword and lop off someones head in order to progress in it. I didn’t have to be mean to anyone, and it was a completely unique world that I could wander through and simply explore. I realize I’m a minority when it comes to enjoying these types of games, but I really wish that were not the case.

I dislike hearing about any game that has to shut down, and I hope everyone who is now looking for a new job finds one without too much trouble.

2 thoughts on “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things”
  1. Aww man, that sucks… I played it a lot until they ‘un-launched’ it (spent money on it too!) but then I sorta lost track of it.. now I missed out. :(

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