Progress pictures of Mystic Cove, my new deed in Wurm Online. It used to be the old location of ‘Thorin’s Bay’ but the previous owner was unable to keep the land (they own another place on another server) so they took all of the buildings down and disbanded. When I came across it there were locked gates everywhere so I couldn’t get INTO the area, but I did manage to set up a deed outside, which unlocks the gates.

What me and a friend have been doing is slowly leveling the massive hill (seen in the screen shots) and taking the dirt from that hill to expand the waterfront. The area with the boat in the shot all used to be water. In fact everything from the wooden door on the right hand side to the path on the left hand side, was water. We’ve extended the land quite a bit.

Looking forward to all the teraforming being completed so we can move on to building the actual village. Then I can get to things like crafting gear, weapons, breeding animals, working on a farm, cooking, etc. For now it’s just a lot of chopping, digging, bashing down old walls, and placing dirt.

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