A week back in Wurm Online, and Mystic Cove is coming along nicely. The digging has been completed, which took the majority of the week to do. The dirt from the hills Moumix and myself have cleared was used to fill in the waterfront and square it off. The land used to have rows jutting out for people to try to park between but they were really difficult to navigate and I more often than not found myself parking the boat up on land, through a fence. Now that it’s squared off, parking is much easier. There’s also a lot more usable land, having covered a good portion of water.

That’s one of the (many) things I love about Wurm online. You very literally change and adjust the layout of the land. You can build mountains or take them down. You can create islands (so long as you have the dirt), tunnels, caves, anything in your imagination.

The kitchen was completed out of wood. The public shrine building will be stone, which is my project for today. The workshop is also stone, and my villa is wood (which I should also be able to complete today). Working on one deed for so long can make you a bit stir crazy, so I’ve taken some trips exploring old lands, to see how they’ve held up since I’ve been gone. Sadly Arkenor’s place is no more, but I did salvage a few items from where his buildings once stood.

I also read today about the December “Impalong” which is a player run event on the Independence server. I’m going to try my hardest to attend, it runs from December 19th until January 2nd, and there are some very amazing prizes being given away. It will also be the final time that the event is hosted by Willow, who is an amazing person.

I’m still sorting through my progress pictures, but I am going to have an album organized fairly soon. It feels very good to be back in game, even if it’s not the most popular game out there. Wurm has always felt like home.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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