The Exiled

That’s right, Ricotta is now an exile from Freeport. At the moment she’s sitting at 111 quests, and 23% into level 19. I decided to check out the new betrayal system for a few reasons. One of course is natural curiosity, I’ve betrayed my fair share of characters using the old method, and found it an interesting way to add some history behind each character. This new method so far, is quite entertaining. I had to run around Freeport doing various tasks for “squires” who would tell me of this Haven, a town located in some caves, where those of neutral alignment (hated by both towns) could escape to. The quests even sent me some mail as I made my adventures along, from “Citizens of a Free Freeport”, it was great. Haven itself is fairly sparce, however for those who are not attached to material house things, it is not that bad. There are sections for crafting, a black market, secret entrance ways to various zones, a bank, and even a market place to buy food and general supplies. Over all I was quite impressed and had fun running around. Of course, now the boring work starts, working my Qeynos faction. I’m actually going to remain a dirge, I’ve no inclination to switch to a troubador. So why bother betraying at all? First of all, I gathered all of the Freeport language primers. Since merchants of Freeport will not sell to those from Qeynos, and vice versa.

Ricotta - Betrayed

I wanted Ricotta to have the opportunity to learn all languages. She is a worldy ratonga after all, singing her songs in whatever language she pleases. So that was one deciding factor in the betrayal. Also, I wanted to be able to do some of the Freeport quests (hence the 111 at this point in time) as well as the Qeynos ones. This server also appears to be Qeynos heavy, with better sales on the Qeynos side. So those were the deciding factors for me. The small quests I’m required to do to work my faction back up to ally, are…. not fun. I’m only level 19, so things still squish me fairly easily. I’m not a twink, at all. I wear level 2 gear because it’s what I’ve found / can afford. I have no guild to help me out. Thus far the easiest quest I’ve found, is basically me running back and forth along a wall about 10 paces from the quest giver, and smashing 5 rocks. Rinse and repeat. This gives me +1,000 to Qeynos each run, and I’m sitting at -47,000 currently. I’m told I need to get to +40,000 before I can actually move back to Qeynos. This should be… interesting. Various quests give more faction then others, based of course on the difficulty of the quest. One that has me running into Freeport directly, gives +5,000 faction to Qeynos, so I’m going to attempt some of those ones today and see if I can’t finish this betrayal up. I was hoping I’d get to keep “the exiled” as my name, but I think it’s a temporary status seeing as I can not remove it whatso ever while I am betraying. All in all, a lot of fun!

Ricotta Is’Gouda

Level 17 Dirge / 20 Jeweler, and making my way through Norrath’s wonders. One of many alts, and hopfully one of many posts. I’ve been reading people’s blogs for quite some time now, and decided to make one of my own, we’ll just have to see how it goes. Ricotta is of course a ratonga, with quite a cute name if I do say so myself.